Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Torn. Advice please? Please?? :)

I've been debating all afternoon whether or not I should post this, but I figure I don't have anything to lose... so why not?

Brief highlight on my work situation: Our district, like so many others, has had to make decisions to RIF and move employees to accomodate the budget (or lack thereof). It decided to make these movements before Spring Break. Before people turned in retirements, before they turned in resignations. They asked that people *please* turn those in, but offered no incentives like so many other districts around here. So, I was pulled into my principals office, the day I got back from being on bedrest for an entire week, to be told I was moving to another school. I was later informed that I could apply (yes, apply) to the school I'm currently working in if a position came available. This would also be true if a position opened at another school.

Our deadline expired last Friday, but then was immediately extended. Until this Friday, May 20. A 4th grade position came open at my school, so I applied for it thinking that this would be a great opportunity to broaden my horizons - I student taught in 4th and loved it. Plus, I'd have my kids from this year again and I'd be totally happy with that. I've never heard a peep from my principal. Not one.

I applied for two other positions within the district. Again, no peeping. No returned e-mails. Nothing. I've emailed my new principal (at the school I'm being moved to) to ask some questions about the possibility of being able to move my things to my new room before summer since I'll be out at the beginning of the year (obviously this whole situation wasn't planned) and no repsonse there either.

I'm thinking it's my hormones, I'm not really sure... but I'm really starting to get paranoid. I know my e-mail works, my e-mails to my co-workers get sent back and I get new e-mails daily. But none from any administrators. Yes, I know I'm pregnant. No, it's not ideal for anyone. But I'm good at my job and I love my job. No matter how frustrated I get with teaching, I can't imagine doing anything else. So why on Earth is no one giving me the time of day concerning job possibilities? I mean, not even my new principal will respond to me. Is there something stamped on my forehead?? Is there a hidden message in the footer of my resume?? We don't know our TAKS scores yet, but I had 100% passing and 15 of 21 commended students on our March benchmark. Come on, that makes me marketable in this area... doesn't it??

So herein lies my biggest problem, aside from the fact that I've made myself full-blown paranoid overthinking and over-analyzing this situation... A 2nd grade teacher at my school resigned on Monday. The position isn't available on the district website yet, but I already have an application in with my current principal (does this seem like overkill to anyone else??) and can't figure out for the life of me why I can't just be moved back into this position. I'm literally the only one being moved from my school (due to years of service in the district and RIFing) and we now have 3 positions open: the 4th grade math, my position in 3rd, and now the position in 2nd. Does this not seem like a no-brainer to you?!?!

I've had several people tell me that I should go talk to my principal: the 2nd grade team really wants me on their team and I'd love to not have to move school. There are obvious pros for being able to stay at my current school: I already know the staff, admin, curriculum, etc... I could set up my room and it would be ready for next school year at this school. This would seriously be the most ideal situation ever for me. In 2nd grade, there is no state testing... *sigh*

And I'm absolutely terrified to go to my principal. I really think that the fact that she never responded to me about the 4th grade position freaked me out - I'm really starting to wonder if she just wants to get rid of me.

Do I talk to her? I only have 2 days before this deadline is up. If I talk to her, what do I say?? Am I crazy for feeling so paranoid about the lack of responses I'm getting?? I feel so lost, I just don't know what to do.

I mean, I know the worst thing she can say to me is NO. And then I'll be moving to the same school I was moving to in the first place to teach 3rd grade reading and social studies. I love reading. I love 3rd grade. I don't love that my new principal doesn't follow through on things she says and is apparently avoiding me. I don't love that I have no idea how I'm going to set up my room and yes, that's super important to me. I can't deal with someone I don't know doing it for me...

So again: do I talk to my current principal, or not? If yes, what do I say and how do I approach her? I feel like I have so much to offer, but all of a sudden I'm scared to bring any of it up and "toot my own horn" if you will. I'm majorly qualified for this position: I've taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd so I'd fit in perfectly in 3rd grade. I'm already trained in guided reading (which is new to my school if you can believe it) and have done Daily 5 in my room for 4 of the 5 years I've taught. She needs me! How do I make her see that??

Thanks for all your advice in advance!! In case you can't tell, I'm making myself a little crazy over here...


  1. I am soooo very sorry to hear about the situation you are facing! My thoughts, based only on how my district sometimes works, are do you have a Director of Personel that you can speak with? Could it be that there is some kink of legal red tape that is tying the principals' hands that maybe a director would be able to explain??? Waiting in life is I think one of the most stressful situations! I will be praying for you..with a little one growing in you, you don't need that kind of stress messing with your body or your little one's! Please keep us/me updated. I promise I will be lifting you up in prayer! Hang in there! Do something for you...something that for you is a mini getaway or a treat or splurge just for you!! Take care and best wishes! Thanks, Nancy
    The Apple Basket Teacher

  2. Whoa..I am so sorry you are having to go through this! Yes I would talk to your principal! Just be as honest as you can about how you feel and share your worries with her. There is a date, well at least there is here in TN, where they have to tell you for sure YES or NO and where you will be. Good luck with the whole situation. I'll be praying for you! Keep us updated!

    Third Grade Experience

  3. OK, first of all I can not believe you are being put through this! It is so frustrating! Secondly, in my personal opinion, I think you need to go talk to your principal! Right now you're just assuming things about her avoiding you! I went through a similar thing last week and my team pretty much forced me to go talk to my principal and it seriously made me feel so much better. So I'm forcing you to go talk to her! Tell her everything you wrote in the second to last paragraph. Toot your own horn! If you don't do it, no one will!! And you'll only be upset with yourself if you don't try. So do it!! And then let us know you it turns out :)

  4. I think you are worrying yourself sick and that isn't good. Take a deep breath and go have a chat. It sounds like you have already imagined the worst case scenarios so you're prepared. I'm a talker. So talking usually makes me feel better. Silence is a killer for me and it sounds like it is for you as well. I bet she hasn't responded because you are one of many asking her questions she just can't answer yet. I say it minimum will answer some of your questions and leave you feeling less like your in limbo.
    For goodness sakes feel free to toot your horn a little. Share your innovative ideas and plans! Getting to know her better on a more personal level can only help.
    I guess this is all very easy for me to say huh?
    I hope all turns out well and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!! Keep us posted so we can give you blogging lovin!!

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  5. I agree, I'd talk to her. A lot of times principals don't think about the problems their lack of response and communication causes, and you never know what she may be thinking. I think that either way you will feel better. Good luck and let us know how it goes.