Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prepping for Next School Year Linky Party

Time4Kindergarten is having a linky party about how to prepare for the upcoming school year. I'm really excited to read all the posts in this linky party because this is probably where I struggle the most, but won't really be "allowed" to struggle in this upcoming school year since I'll be missing the beginning of it!! EEK!

I'm so impressed with the people that have mentioned copying so far ahead!! And jealous! I only plan ELAR in my grade level so to do that I'd have to overstep team members and plan 100% on my own. I guess that will all change next year since I will be in one of two grade levels! Baby steps, right?? ;)

So far, to be prepared for next year I have:

1. Begun "the" list. I am literally the world's worst about making lists. I swear I have notebooks of lists. Haha!

2. Organized piles of things I want to laminate but haven't (maybe one of my parent volunteers can help me out with this before the year is over!)

3. Put all my "forms" into one place - I plan on organizing this by subject in a notebook so I know where everything is!

4. Begun to think about what I like about my room this year, and what I'd like to change - bulletin boards, meeting areas, etc...

5. I'm thinking about my reading workshop and how I want to approach it next year since I'll be out at the beginning with maternity leave (*if anyone has any suggestions about this, I would really appreciate it!!*) - and I'm holding off on finding out exactly what I'll be teaching for next year to begin to think about math.

6. I've got a list of professional books I'd like to read and possibly revisit if I have the time.

7. I've got a booklist I'd like to start hunting for to expand my library!

8. I've also got a list of questions ready to help me get ready even more for when I can meet with my new principal and/or team!

9. Trying to start my maternity plans - at least the procedures and everything else "generic" that I need to have ready before I start inserting the actual academic parts!

10. Starting to pack up little sections of my room so I can be super organized for whenever I can get into my new room... whenever that is. I'm a little OCD so the concept of missing out on the beginning of the year in a new school is freaking me out a bit!! Especially since I'm probably not going to be able to have my room exactly like I like it by the time the year starts since I'm due Aug 14.

11. I need to make a list of supplies I might need to purchase to be prepared for the beginning of the year: folders for data folders, replacement binders/folders/pencil pouches, etc... for MOOSE binders, folders/binders (depending on deal) for reading/writing folders.

I sure do have A LOT to do before next year, haha!!

I'm having to do things a little different than most of you since I'm switching schools next year. I've already been moved to a school due to RIFing in our district but I'm unsure of if I'll be in 3rd or 4th... or if I'll be teaching ELAR and social studies or math and science... Hmmmm....

So depending on how things look at the end of next week, I'll also be:

3rd grade:

- making copies of what I've already got for the beginning of the year

- adjusting my plans to meet the expectations of my new school as well as new ideas I'd like to incorporate

- creating units to supplement what I've already got and data folders

4th grade:

- making adjustments to copy/plan with the 4th grade curriculum

- creating entirely new units to go with the new grade level

- creating new games to go with reading/math workshops

- reading new material to prepare for state writing test (we don't focus on writing near as much at my current school in 3rd grade so this is going to take a little bit of extra prep for me!)

- create new wall posters to prepare

I'm sure there's a lot more I have going on, but it's nice to at least have it all in one place on this blog! Sorry if seems like I skipped around a bit, pregnancy has really brought out the ADD in me so it's not always easy to organize my thoughts. :) If any of you have suggestions about how to deal with moving schools and being on maternity leave the first six weeks of school, I am *all* ears!! I'm trying to get myself as organized as possible, but I'm really freaking out!! Thanks all!


  1. Thanks For joining the party! You have a lot of good ideas

  2. I loved reading your post. I like that you have started making your "To Do" List. I will have to start working on mine.
    Barrow's Hodgepodge

  3. I had to miss the first part of this year also, not because of maternity leave, but because of foot surgery gone bad. I didn't return until November after having 3 subs. But it didn't take me long to get back into the swing of things. Good luck!!