Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week Linky Party!

Mrs. Parker over at Learning with Mrs. Parker is hosting a Teacher Appreciation Week Linky Party! So here I am, linking up, and sharing several of my absolute favorite teacher appreciation gifts.

I've gotten lots of things in the past five years from my kids, but I have to say that there are very few that truly stand out. Of course I always get the candy, the small stuffed animals, the occasional mug... but my favorites are the random drawings I find on my board, desk, and sticky notes strategically placed where my kids know I'll be sure to find them. It's the hugs I get from my students from last year and the random conversations I have with them that let me know without them ever having to tell actually say the words "I appreciate you". I think that's one of the most heartbreaking things about being moved from my school - I won't get to see my babies from this year, next school year. It makes me so incredibly sad!! :(

Back to teacher appreciation...!!! Here are just a few of the sweet nothings my sweet babies have given me over the past year... :)

OK, I give up on re-uploading this picture. It's right side up until I upload it to Blogger. :(My #1 favorite present from one of my students last year - she MADE this blanket in TCU colors for me!! I take this thing everywhere, including the hospital when I was there overnight!

My kids love TCU, just like me!

Lizard and frog keychains made by a student! :)

Random post it! I *love* these things!!

From one of my kids after announcing Baby Brasher was on the way!

A random pudding cupcake that tasted pretty delicious! ;)

Isn't this precious?!

I love that my kids appreciate me daily rather than just one day or week out of the year!! Be sure to link up and share about your special teacher gifts!!

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  1. Thanks for letting us peek into your classroom. I love the post it notes. And I must say that pudding cake does look delicious. Yum! Food gifts are one of my favorites.

    Hope you are just as appreciated at your new school. Good luck!