Tuesday, May 17, 2011

100 Things Linky Party!

Stumbling on this linky party by Kris over at I {Heart} Teaching could possibly be one of the best things to happen to me right now. With figuring out that I've got to pack up my classroom and my entire house in the same amount of time my attitude has been less than stellar and more stressed out than I could possibly imagine so my focus definitely needs to be refined into something positive right now.

Here goes (in no particular order)...

The 100 Things I Love About Teaching:

1. clip-art
2. fonts
3. hugs at all times of the day
4. teacher stores
5. light-bulb moments
6. bright smiles
7. listening to a child read
8. children's books
9. summer break
10. back to school
11. creating units
12. field trips
13. finding new ideas from other awesome teachers
14. DJ Inkers
15. new crayons - love the smell!!
16. colored pens
17. school supplies
18. clothespins (there are so many things you can do with these!)
19. random notes from my students that say "I love you" or "You're the best!"
20. those days where I'm actually caught up on grading
21. knowing I've really reached my kids by hearing them talk to each other
22. Daily 5 & CAFE
23. professional teaching books
25. Barnes and Noble
26. binders
27. colored file folders
28. pocket organizers
29. "special" days where we watch a movie to finish a unit (like Charlotte's Web or a fairy tale)
30. days where the kids get to wear "normal" shirts
31. field day
32. kid drawn pictures made just for me
33. reading a story by one of my students
34. pulling my ideas together BEFORE I teach the unit, not during or after
35. feeling really organized with plans
36. book orders
37. my planner
38. calendars
39. Dr. Seuss
40. making an impact on kids lives every day
41. not having to work on the weekends (unless I choose to and even then it's at home)
42. clipboards
43. kids learning new vocabulary and using it!
44. finishing a unit and the kids begging to keep going
45. our class blog
46. yummy snacks in the teachers lounge or unexpected goodies at a faculty meeting
47. stellar staff developments (you know, the ones where you actually walk away with new knowledge and you were happy to give up a day or two to be there!)
48. teacher blogs
49. scholastic
50. 3 day weekends!
51. lessons like the life-cycle of the butterfly
52. laminating
53. kid work displays
54. new bulletin boards (either purchased or created)
55. random days to the park (like tomorrow...)
56. the end of the school year
57. setting up my classroom
58. birthdays and cupcakes
59. class celebrations
60. The Reading Teacher magazine
61. post-its
62. glue sticks
63. containers of any kind (I'm a little OCD)
64. the Mailbox
65. teacher newsletters in my e-mail
66. school spirit days - yay for t-shirts and tennis shoes! (I miss jeans though...)
67. computer time
68. lunch
69. Fridays!
70. getting through every single thing I had planned in one day... that never happens...
71. when kids do something and you don't have to ask them to!
72. having a kid recommend a book to me
73. class pictures
74. dollar tree or the $ spot at Target
75. TpT
76. my kidney table
77. reader's notebooks
78. colored copy paper - I LOVE color!
79. library pockets
80. donor's choose
81. days I get home "on time"
82. getting ahead on my plans
83. eating lunch with my kids (every once in awhile!)
84. watching bill nye or magic school bus with my kids
85. read in's!!!
86. rewarding my students for hard work
87. staples (the store)
88. kohl's for kids :)
89. teaching those "special" things that aren't really part of the curriculum but you squeeze in anyway... *cough cough*
90. dry erase markers
91. hugs from my now 4th graders
92. having a parent tell me what a difference I've made - we all love that, right?!
93. seeing success with my kids
94. going to outside stuff for my kids (softball games, etc...)
95. days where my kids are all on green or higher (this is very few and far between but they are GREAT days!!!)
96. white boards
97. stamps and stickers
98. copy machine
99. making up songs to popular music to teach concepts :)
100. fun events like the great poetry race or the superbowl reading challenge

What are YOUR 100 things you love about teaching?! Go link up!!


  1. I love clothespins too! Should've thought of that one! Thanks for linking up!