Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is far from feeling appreciated. We could really use the *love* after TAKS last week, but it's not really happenin'. Our week here in TX started off COLD! It was in the high 80's Saturday, then turned to the 40's Sunday and yesterday. What's up with that TX?! Not ok!! :(

Then yesterday, we got to school and discovered another school in our district had flooded and that we were taking in several of the grade levels for *at least* the next week. Now, don't get me wrong here... if I were in that position, I would be forever grateful to have a school extending a hand to house myself and my students. I can't imagine what these poor teachers are going through being out of their classrooms with no plans or supplies... we are doing our best to help. I think I'd probably be downright panicky at this time of year without any of my stuff! So, major serious props to them for dealing so well with being shuttled over to our school and having to still teach their kids. Where's THEIR appreciation?!

However, the flip side of that is that we now have students of varying grade levels in what were empty classrooms and there is A LOT of commotion and traffic jams going on. It's very stressful when you were already struggling to keep the kids attention and now this gets added to the mix. Today at recess, instead of our 4 3rd grade classes, there were our 4 3rd grade classes PLUS about 7 kinder/first grade classes mixed in all on the playground because the grass was too wet for the them to play in. Ahhhhh!!! And then, we were all coming in at the same time. Oh boy...

Needless to say, I think teacher appreciation week got lost in translation due to all the new chaos that's going on here this week. Not that it was necessarily ever a big deal here to begin with, but I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt here... A little teacher appreciation around here in much needed - our school morale is low low low. :(

I say all that to say (and vent...) that I'd like to try to do something for my school to show that I really do appreciate all the hard work I know that is put in at my school. I know I'd for sure like to do something for my grade level, but if I could find something that's not too taxing on the pregnant lady, I'd like to do something *cheap* school wide just to spread a little cheer when there doesn't seem like much to go around. We are on the downhill slope, but we all need a little pep in our steps!!

I'd love any ideas y'all could send my way!! Thanks so much!! :)

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