Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reading Workshop

In the past, I've taught using a hodge podge of methods from Daily 5, CAFE, and Fountas & Pinnel's Guiding Reader's and Writers along with some other randomness I've picked up along the way. This next year will the first year that I've ever taught more than one class at a time, so I'm not sure exactly where to start... especially since I'll be out the first 12 weeks of school. I want to figure out a way to keep myself organized, especially with the double the load and less time getting to know my kids.

I've always done book boxes with my kids, however, I don't see having room in my new classroom for 40+ boxes for them... and I don't see spending money on book bags that can hang (vs be shoved inside their desk!) since I have a little one on the way and we are more than likely still going to be buying a house. As much as I love spending money on my kids and my room, it's low on my priority totem pole at the moment!!

Does anyone out there teach more than one class for ELAR? If you do, how does it work? My admin is on vacation right now, and on top of that fun our VP just became our prince and we are getting a new VP entirely. Talk about way too much change for this teacher!!! New school, new policies, new P and VP, new team... ahhhhhhh!!!!!

I'd love to get some suggestions on how to acclimate myself to a new way to teaching ELAR - I've always been self-contained so while I'm excited for the new opportunity and chance to focus on my favorite subjects... it also un-nerves me that I won't be there to test their reading levels and get to know my kids at the most crucial type of year. Thanks so much! Hope everyone had a happy 4th!!! :)

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