Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let Me Introduce Myself!

I started my school year with the full intention to document my entire 5th year teaching. I even started a blog and got 7 whole posts done. After September, I literally was too overwhelmed to deal with it. To make an *incredibly* long story as short as possible: I went from 18 to 14 kids by Labor Day, inherited 6 children in one day the 5th week of school, had a child terrorizing (literally) my room until December, was being trained in a new curriculum as well as training other teachers, found out I was pregnant with my first child in December, was on bedrest for a week in March, and I've already seen the inside of the ER and had an overnight hospital stay due to a freak issue with my dear son and my kidney inside of 6 weeks.

Yes, I realize this a slew of excuses for falling down on my blog, but the last thing I wanted to do was come home and document all the things I *wish* I was able to do in my room but was unable to do due to circumstances beyond my control. So I'm going to try to make the best of what's left of this school year, especially after we survive TAKS next week, and hopefully I'll be able to pick back up next year! I love the idea of posting and sharing ideas... I stalk enough blogs that I should be sharing my own. >>Insert blushing yet widely grinning smiley face here!<<

Like I mentioned before, I'm pregnant with my first child and my husband is completely over the moon. I wake up in the middle of the night with his hands on my belly feeling our little monkey, Liam, entertain himself in the wee hours of the morning. Haha! We already have 3 "kids", and it absolutely blows my mind how much they pick up on! Our girl lab, Daisy Duke, is so gentle with me... we just can't get over how much her behavior has changed. Our boy lab, Maximus (after the Gladiator character, guess who named him?!) is super protective and follows me everywhere I go until my husband gets home from work. Our beagle, now she's a completely different story. She's incredibly sensitive and is taking this whole baby thing very personally. Ever since we discovered that my right kidney is basically backed up due to my breech son sitting on my ureter (the tube that goes from the kidney to the bladder) I've had to sleep on my left side. I'm a right side sleeper and Adriane normally curls up next to me. However, sleeping on my left side also came with a full size pregnancy body pillow that inhibits her from sleeping next to her momma. So I get lots of glares these days, and find surprise puddles of pee on my side of the closet so she can let me know exactly how upset she is with our new situation. If you've ever had a dog, you understand!

Now that I've talked in circles (I'm already ADD and pregnancy has done nothing to help that situation!) I'm going to sign off and say I'm excited about this new adventure! Thanks to everyone who already had a blog going that I was able to stalk, cultivate new ideas for my fabulous 3rd graders, and hopefully I'll soon be posting about my classroom and contributions to the blogging community!

Happy 3-day weekend starting tomorrow afternoon!!! :)

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